You booked your wedding photog! ... now what?

November 8, 2019

You've booked the photographer! Phew! I'm sure there's a thousand things running through your mind right now. (Most) brides planning weddings haven't ever planned a wedding and I'm sure I don't even need to mention that it can get a *little* overwhelming. 

Most people would assume after you book the photographer, you won't hear from me again until the wedding (and some photographers maybe that's true). There are several things I will have talked to you in our initial consult about touching base about before the big day.


I. Dates Dates Dates

Most of the time my clients are booking multiple sessions, their wedding, engagement portraits, bridals, and family portraits. In our consult we will mostly go over the general ideas of the wedding (most people book the photographer pretty early on so a lot of the general ideas are thought through but not a lot of the details!). So I like to nail down some dates a little closer to the time of non-wedding-day portraits! Usually brides will want bridals between 4-8 weeks before the wedding day. The earlier the better! There are SO many reasons to book bridals that most people don't think about (but that's a blog for another day). Engagement pictures are usually done between 4-6 months before the big day, but I love a good super-planner bride who books up to even a year before the wedding! 


II. Timeline

One thing you or your wedding planner has probably thought about is the wedding day timeline. If your wedding is still several months out this may not be on your radar right now, but just remember its SUPER important for the day-of-flow that most of the vendors need, not just the photographer! Some things to include in your timelines are vendor arrival times, getting ready times, obviously ceremony timeline and event timeline, but also vendor departure times. The timeline is such a helpful thing for me as the photographer because usually the planner (or in the case there is no planner, me) and I will keep the bride and groom on track without them having to think twice about what they're doing or where they're going. My goal is to make the day as smooth as possible for the couple, and the timeline is definitely key!


II. The Shotlist


The last thing you want is to be the bride directing her family for family pictures the day of your own wedding. I've seen this several times (especially early on in my career as a wedding photographer), and it creates such a hectic hour or so for the bride. The shotlist is an extremely easy way for me to take a ton of stress off of you! You'll provide your family's names and what pictures you want each of them in (keeping in mind grandma probably doesn't want to stand and sit a million times), and try to cluster as many names as you can! You can also provide a day-of shotlist of things that mean something to you that I wouldn't think of! Including things like that tradition your mom had at her wedding, or that thing you did with your best friend at hers! The shotlist is a fantastic way for you to not worry about anything the day of.


And there you have it! Now you now at least 3 things to expect after you book your wedding photographer! You can expect me to be circling back with you almost immediately about dates, the timeline, and the shotlist! My main goal (other than capturing your day!) is to make it a seamless, stress-less day so you can focus on your boo! 

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